Mein Dreamboy is


Leude ders echt nua traumhaft ^^

Einpaar pics von ihm:

öööhm ja ein paar halt *lach* ^^ nochn steckbrief (zwar englisch aber egal):

Real name : Benjimin 

Nick Name:Kid Vicious and benjahole

Date of Birth: March 11, 1979

Sign: Pices

Place of birth:

Grew up in: Waldorf, Maryland

Siblings: Three siblings, twin Joel, sister Sarah, and brother Josh

Marital Status: single (ne nimmer ders verlobt *heul*)

Children: none

Eye color: Brown

Natural hair color: black

Right/Left handed:right

Schools: La Plata High School (Class of '97)

Hobbies: "I like to hear new bands in spare time, people watch, get coffee and have good conversation, go to shows, play with cashdog."

Pets: A dog named Cash

Weird Jobs: The twins worked as shampoo boys at an Annapolis hair salon, and before that one or both of them worked at Target, Borders Books, Up Against the Wall and other stores at the local mall, St. Charles Towne Center. The job cycle usually lasted a few months--which is how long it would be before one of the brothers overslept after a gig and got fired. After Benji landed a job waiting tables at the Acme Bar & Grill in Annapolis
Benji says his worst job was working at Target.

Musical Influences:Minor threat, Rancid, Government issue, Greenday, the clash, Ben Lee, the beastie boys, Apoptygma Berzerk, MxPx, Oasis, Nirvana, Evan Dando, Dave Grohl, Everclear, Mc Hammer, Goldfinger

Favorite Movies: nother state of mind, sid and nancy

Favorite Sports: baseball and thumb wrestling

Favorite TV shows: The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, 7th Heaven

Favorite Foods: Free food and pizza

Favorite Cereal: Count Chocula or Boo Berry

Favorite Restaurant:Acme Bar & Grille in Annapolis

Favorite Color: Black and baby blue

Favorite Car: 1963 Impala

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Clothes: My bondage pants/shorts, grinders, chuck taylors, t-shirt, eastcoast clothing

Favorite Superhero: Toxic Avenger

Favorite Part of Being in GC: "Being able to hang out with my best friends and do what i love to do the most."

LOVES: 63' chevy impala, live music, punk rock shows, goth girls, punk rock girls, thrashing equipment, coffee, acme bar & grille, girls with tatoos and piercings, breaking stuff, old clothes, old junk stores, my bicycle, cashdog, jewelry, tattoos, old cars, nice people, jet skiing, and free food

HATES:humidty, politicians, food poisoning, and anything else I might not like at that certain time or whatever is getting on my nerves at the moment



Das war also MEIN dreamboy (Angi) hoffe es hat euch die kleine vorstellung gefallen *kicher* wenn nit auch nit schlimm mir hats gefallen ^^!